15 things to include in your website in order to attract more audience

It’s Important to make your website look good and easily accessible to your users, it helps in decreasing bounce rate, and the exit rate. Here we have mentioned the best practices to make your website look good to attract more audience. 

1. Slider: The slider presents your website’s content to visitors and allows you to introduce new articles to the reader as well as the show featured articles or other content. It is a great way of increasing your visibility on search engines.  

2. Free resources: Providing free resources regarding a topic related to what your business does can encourage users to visit your site again and again, as they know that they will find something useful for their projects or problems. Offering those resources can also send out a positive signal about your brand as it shows that the company wants to help people which will increase trustworthiness in the eyes of online customers.       

3. Contact page: In order not only to help potential customers who might have questions about your services but also to encourage sharing and spreading of information about your brand, it is a good idea to include a contact page which presents all necessary contact information and makes the process of getting in touch as easy as possible.       

4. FAQ: Including an FAQ section on your website will allow users to see what you think are the most important points regarding your business or projects until today so they can quickly get informed about them before making any further steps.  

5. Promotions & offers: Promoting different kinds of promotions or special offers on different social media platforms or via email newsletters is one of the best ways of attracting potential customers’ attention, especially if executed correctly. However, if done excessively it might have just the opposite effect.       

6. Blog: Having a blog on your website is one of the best ways of showing potential customers that you are an expert in what you do and that they can trust your recommendations by learning more about different topics related to your business, but also sharing valuable information about them which might be useful for other people interested in the topic.  

7. Carousel/slider: The carousels or sliders show additional content and images regarding the main subject at the top of your web page to make sure users don’t miss out on anything and encourage them to click and learn more about different aspects of it. However, according to Google guidelines concerning mobile optimization, these elements should not take up more than 20% of the webpage to avoid annoying readers.       

8. Free gifts: Giving away free gifts is a very good way of convincing users to make a purchase or spend more time on your website as they will feel that it’s not only about the things you do but also about how much users might benefit from those activities and then, hopefully, share that information with their friends online as well.       

9. Testimonials: Having positive comments written by real customers on your site is one great way of giving potential customers peace of mind as they know that other people liked your services and products which increases trust towards your brand so they don’t have to think twice before doing business with you.  

10. Trust symbols: The presence of trust symbols such as SSL certificates, VeriSign or Mozilor seal will show that your website is safe to use and that the company is legitimate.       

11. Company/brand logo: A company or brand logo sends out the message that users are in good hands if their brand is trustworthy which increases conversions.  

12. Payment options: Make sure potential customers know how they can pay for goods or services by including different payment options on your webpage so you don’t lose them because of this category, but also make sure to have an SSL certificate installed on your site which shows that it’s safe to transfer money there thus increasing people’s confidence in making a purchase from you especially when using credit cards online.       

13. Video content: Having at least one video on your site which introduces it to users is a great way of catching their attention because they are usually very informative and present the benefits customers might get from using services or purchasing products in an easy-to-understand manner which helps to eliminate any confusion they might have when doing business with you for the first time.  

14. Social media icons: As social media plays an important role in communication both online and offline today, encouraging people to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… increases trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers by showing them that you are trustworthy enough thus making them more likely to purchase goods or use your services especially if you are planning to run promotions or giveaways.       

Top 5 unique things to include on your website

1. White labels: If you want to stand out from the crowd and provide users with a special experience that makes them feel like they became loyal customers instead of just random visitors, give them white labels so they can create an avatar and interact with other visitors in forums or groups dedicated to topics related to your brand.       

2. Call-to-action buttons: Having different calls-to-action such as “Buy now”, “Contact Us” or “Book a demo/tour” gives users clear instructions on what to do next if they want to learn more about products or services you offer because we all know that nobody likes uncomfortable pauses when doing business online and having too many choices might make people confused and leave your website.       

3. Customizable interface: Some users prefer to have their own layout with custom colors, text, and images which they can do by using customizable interfaces such as the ones offered at the online store Zazzle.       

4. Third-party logos: Including a seal or certificate from a third party makes users feel more confident about doing business with you because it means that an independent body has verified information about your company without being biased towards it so they don’t have to waste time going through all those reviews on Google My Business or Facebook pages which is usually very time-consuming and might leave them confused as well.       

5. Exit popups: While most people agree that pop-up windows are annoying, especially if they appear when you try to leave a webpage, exit popups are used in order to remind people that they might be leaving the page without converting which is basically losing potential customers so it’s better to use this popup than not using any at all.       


Including these categories on your webpage and giving people clear reasons why they should convert and contacting the best web app development company for that will certainly increase conversions in the long run.