AWS Consulting

Remote Stacx Solutions Private Limited provides AWS consulting services with the aim to deliver cutting-edge business solutions through detailed assessment and planning modules.that include Performance Optimization, Automated Backups & Disaster Recovery and Amazon Cloud Hosting.

Amazon AWS Enterprise Application

We provide Amazon Web Services that offer a range of enterprise productivity applications that are capable to run as a service in the AWS Cloud with Large Scale Migrations at Lower Operating Costs and High-Performance Computing (HPC) Workloads.

AWS Management Services

We deploy Amazon Cloud to manage services to help build, manage and monitor web and cloud applications that are simple and complex along with the Security and Access Management as well as Automatic Code Deployment.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is known as the most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform across the world. Remote Stacx Solutions Private Limited provides an infrastructure to businesses all over the world on the basis of AWS that helps in becoming more agile and reduces the cost of operation whether you are the new startups or well-established large enterprises.

Remote Stacx Solutions Private Limited is an AWS Web Service provider with more than 6 years of experience in providing cloud-based business solutions. Our aim is to simplify and make your cloud transformation journey easy and smooth. With the help of our DevOps solutions as well as AWS cloud managed services, we focus to provide seamless development along with deployment of AWS cloud applications to your business. At the same time, we focus on providing scalability, high security, and accessibility of Amazon Web Services across all devices.

Why choose Remote Stacx Solutions Private Limited?

Remote Stacx Solutions Private Limited helps you to expand your business with Amazon Web Services (or simply AWS). AWS is considered as one of the most powerful cloud platform that is capable to handle numerous computing and developing cases.

Remote Stacx Solutions Private Limited helps to introduce AWS to your business that will significantly lower the cost of operating business. At the same time, AWS provides a new place in the cloud market that is safe, secure and easily accessible. AWS is the best solution for startups, small businesses, and large enterprises across the globe.

AWS Compute Service

We bring an innovative approach to cloud computing through AWS which is a pioneer of cloud services. Remote Stacx Solutions Private Limited helps you obtain the best solutions for your business.

AWS Analytics Service and Monitoring

AWS offers various analytic tools that are easy to navigate within AWS unwanted parts of the chain can be removed alongwith building a powerful analytics and monitoring system.

Our AWS Packages


It offers easy to create virtual services and makes it convenient to monitor them in real-time.


It is helpful to manage data easily that is stored in the form of archives and reduces the cost of operation.


It allows businesses to work smoothly using the database and allow high performance.


It becomes easy to distribute static and dynamic web content as per the requirement of the business.


It helps in managing the data easily with SQS.

AWS Migration

It helps in systematically migrate all necessary information to the cloud.