Custom Software Development

Remote Stacx is a leading organization trusted by Fortune 500 companies for creative, inventive and savvy custom software development services.

Custom software development is an approach for getting better software due to the cutting-edge functionality a custom solution provides. Expanding on the experience from more than 3,000 projects, Remote Stacx offers custom software development solutions to drive business processes in more than 50+ industries.

Get novel and modern tech solutions to address your particular business needs. With over 10 years of involvement, Remote Stacx offers robust custom software development services to create and deliver the right software custom fitted to your business needs.

Join forces with Remote Stacx to fabricate advanced custom software to drive business proficiency and make a differentiation in the market.

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Our Suite of Custom Software Development Services

Being a custom software development agency, we offer an extensive variety of software development services that meet your particular business needs.


Software Consulting Services

As a leading custom software agency, we investigate your business needs, conceptualize software, and assist you with getting the best worth from its development. Our team additionally helps you in choosing the right tech stack by exploring technologies before beginning the project.

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Custom Software Development Services

In the present profoundly unstable and competitive market, custom software development assists you with accomplishing the ideal business proficiency. Remote Stacx is a custom software development agency that offers you the perfect software customized to your business requirements.

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Enterprise Software Development Services

Our team assists associations with turning into enduring accomplishments by re-designing enterprise software solutions of numerous intricacy levels. We support your business foundation with adaptable software that improves key features of your association.

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Software Product Development Services

We are a full-cycle software product development agency that assists your association with start-to-finish product development services - beginning from statistical surveying and business analysis to development, testing, deployment, and post-launch support.

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Software Integration Services

Once an agency embraces innovation, it might confront difficulties with its current applications. Our custom software engineers utilize the business's best methods to deal with all your execution and software integration challenges, including testing, architectural design, and execution.

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Custom CRM Development Services

Remote Stacx offers custom CRM software development solutions that are centered around automating your business processes, boosting customer relationships, and driving up the productivity of business operations.

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Our Custom Software Development Process

We are the leading Android app development agency in USA known for hoisting your development methodology, reinforcing practical solutions, planning consistent experiences, and developing apps that enhance the clients' lives with our custom android development services. We are a #1 Android application development company that creates custom Android applications for all industries and domains.



We break down your designs, development, processes, and technologies and distinguish the difficulties that prevent your business .



Our team fosters a prototype of your software and gives you an aesthetic look at how it will look like.



Our team develops your software and maintains the highest quality at every step of the process.



We test your software and ensure that it operates as needed.



Once the testing stage is finalized, our team will launch your new software.


Maintenance and Support

Even after the deployment, Remote Stacx offers regular support and maintenance if any problems arise.

Why are We the Most Trusted Custom Software Development Company?

With almost a decade of experience in the industry, we have the expertise of handling software development projects of diverse complexity levels, making Remote Stacx the right fit for your business needs.

With nearly 10 years of expertise in the business, we have the skill of managing custom software development projects in different industry verticals.


Quality product

At Remote Stacx, we first create an MVP to test the effectiveness of your product. In light of the underlying feedback, we continue to make cycles in the product till it precisely lines up with what you wanted.


Quick development

Our experts with their rich mastery and excellent experience enhance all processes and utilize the best agile practices, prompting a decrease in custom software application development time by 50%.


Latest technology stack

Our team covers all scope of technologies and programming languages that you might require for your project from framework design to backend and frontend development and post-delivery maintenance.


Complete transparency

We accept that mutual trust and transparency are the way to compelling business connections. We always keep our customers updated with the current status of their projects and give a complete perspective on each technological decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to custom software development, our clients frequently ask us the following questions:

  • What is custom software development?
    Custom software development alludes to the production of tailor-made software expected to address the particular requirements of a business or user(s). Investing in custom software positions you for better progress as it enhances your functional productivity, cost-effectiveness, profitability, and autonomy regarding utilizing and maintaining the software for future requirements.
  • Custom software agencies can assemble adept innovative solutions for business challenges. Today software and applications have turned fundamental for compelling business operations. But picking the right technologies to simplify business processes can be precarious. That is where custom software agencies become an integral factor. A renowned custom software development agency will assist you with breaking down your business challenges, distinguishing opportunities with innovation, and helping you plan and create the application and system that explicitly suits your novel business cycle.
  • Customized software saves your IT consumption by providing subscription-based pricing and decreases your maintenance costs. Custom application development improves your functional productivity, saves your work and training expenses, and offers you the capacity to scale with the market requirements. A property management app that permits field specialists or brokers to facilitate among purchasers and sellers is an illustration of customized software in the real estate industry.
  • Custom software can scale with your business requirements to oblige new modifications or processes. If you want to buy extra licenses or packaged apps, it can gobble up your IT budget. This is where custom software acts as the hero as it offers the benefit of lower integration costs. Custom software development can either supplant or merge your current solutions to accomplish more prominent productivity, in this manner enhancing your competitive benefits. Custom software permits you to fabricate a framework around your existing processes. It will stay up with the latest, kills drawn-out paperwork, and manual processes, and diminishes the risk of human blunders.
  • It's difficult to assess the specific development cost of custom software because each piece of software is customized and extraordinary. No two custom-constructed apps are something very similar. Subsequently, sharing an approximation of basic costs without understanding the project's particular necessities is troublesome. Various viewpoints add to the costs of custom software development which incorporate the size of the software (the number of pages/screens), the intricacy of the software, design, integration with different frameworks, migration of existing data, use designs, etc.
  • Various elements weigh into this choice including versatility, existing platforms, the client's current foundation, types of data, etc. Principally, the choice ought to be founded on your particular business needs and set of functions anticipated out of the application. For example, Microsoft .NET is a profoundly flexible system that can be utilized for practically every solution, while specific requests can be better executed utilizing a PHP/MySQL stack or a particular comparable technology. Remote Stacx's Development team is knowledgeable in practically all suitable development advances and applies the appropriate technology to the appropriate solution.
  • The initial step is to investigate your business' requirements and plan the goals of the custom software. Given the consequences of the analysis and connection with the client, we plan the custom software solution. When the wireframes are approved and changes concur commonly, we construct the custom software by the client-approved milestones. We test the beta version in your workplace and carry out the real execution post the user acceptance testing. We guarantee your custom software is delivered with all important documentation and training as needed.
  • Indeed, we offer round-the-clock technical support and service to the software applications we have created. We can likewise additionally foster your software in case you want to integrate new features or implement third-party services.